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Knife and Packer have written over thirty books for children. These include the long running Freak Street and Wheelnut series for Scholastic Australia, Captain Fact for Disney-Hyperion, Fleabag Monkeyface for Walker Books and the Lollie-nominated series Badly Drawn Beth for Hachette. Their work has been translated into many languages and sells worldwide.

Knife and Packer

In 2012 Fleabag Monkeyface was adapted for television as a CG animation. Jem and Duncan were associate producers on the show and wrote 20 scripts, creating a large number of original characters to add to the existing cast. It is currently broadcast by CITV in the UK, Netflix USA and ABC Australia.

Knife and Packer are also the creators of the long running cartoon strip It’s Grim Up North London which has appeared in Private Eye for over a decade.

As well as writing books and animation, Knife and Packer have gained a reputation on the live festival and school circuit creating characters and talking about books to huge audiences across the country.

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Knife and Packer's Story

Winners of the 2016 Lollie Award

Knife and Packer's Books

List of Works

Hachette Children's
  • Badly Drawn Beth – Life can Be Messy
  • Badly Drawn Beth – The Show Must Go On
  • Badly Drawn Beth – Happy Bethday
Walker Books
  • Fleabag Monkeyface When Earwax Attacks
  • Fleabag Monkeyface King Pong
  • Fleabag Monkeyface The Creature from the Pink Lagoon
  • Fleabag Monkeyface Invasion of the Grubby Snatchers
  • Fleabag Monkeyface Moldfinger
  • Moldfinger The Temple of Baboon
Scholastic Australia

Series 1: Meet the Freaks

  • Meet the Aliensons
  • Meet the Zombiesons
  • Meet the Humansons
  • Meet the Wizardsons

Series 2: Freak Street On Holiday

  • Aliensons on Holiday
  • Zombiesons on Holiday
  • Humansons on Holiday
  • Wizardsons on Holiday

Series 3: Freak Street Time Travel

  • Aliensons’ Time Travel
  • Zombiesons’ Time Travel
  • Humansons’ Time Machine
  • Wizardsons’ Time Machine

New families:

  • Meet the Vampiresons
  • Meet The Supersons
  • Meet the Piratesons
  • Meet the Wetewolfsons
  • Meet the Spysons
  • Meet the Mummysons
  • Meet the Robotsons
  • Zac Zoltan’s Mad Monster Agency
  • Return of The Chocoholic Vampires
  • Hypno-Dwarves and the Night of the Living Bed
  • Captain Fact’s Space Adventure
  • Captain Fact’s Dinosaur Adventure
  • Captain Fact’s Creepy-Crawly Adventure
  • Captain Fact’s Egyptian Adventure
  • Captain Fact’s Human Body Adventure
  • Captain Fact’s Roman Adventure
Scholastic UK
  • Teachers: The Naked Truth
  • Father Christmas: The Naked Truth
Private Eye Cartoon Strip
  • ‘It’s Grim Up North London’ Private Eye, 1999-present
Cartoon Strips
  • ‘I Wish I’d Said That’ – BBC History
  • ‘Perfect Couple’ – Sunday Times
  • ‘Gnomework’ – The Guardian
  • ‘Office Alien’ – The Guardian
  • ‘Bricks and Mortar’ – The Times
CiTV and Children’s TV
  • Lead writers and associate producers of Fleabag Monkeyface for CiTV – based on our best selling books. Wrote 37 episodes.

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