Natasha de Samarkandi

Children's Author and Illustrator

About Natasha

Natasha is an artist, storyteller and illustrator.  Natasha’s fables of love, friendship, identity, and of the hidden lives and dreams of our animal planet are illuminated with the magic and beauty of the natural world.  Since attaining a Master of Arts from the Courtauld Institute of Art, Natasha has enjoyed a career as a painter, curator and educator. 

Credits include, Don’t Do Any More Henry Moore, at London’s Chelsea Space and, FAKTURA, in partnership with Renegade Inc., in addition to exhibiting in London and internationally.  Natasha’s poetry lies in capturing the transient beauty of our world; each tale a complete work of art.  Her stories unfold with illustrations that magnify the beauty and fragility of our planet.  By combining the distinct techniques of painting, collage and drawing, each page envelopes the spectator in a unique visual language of colour and movement. Natasha has recently moved to the seaside where she lives with a tall, dark handsome man and their young son, Iggy. 

Natasha's Artwork